Discover the beauty of Haitian Creole with our Alphabet Poster

Uncover the Richness of Haitian Creole through 32 unique illustrated images

Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Haitian Creole with our exclusive Haitian Creole Alphabet poster

Here's why our poster is a must-have:

  • 32 Unique Illustrated Images

    Dive into the sounds of the Haitian Creole language, with each image capturing the essence of one of its 32 distinctive sounds.
  • A Journey Through History, Culture, and Tradition

    Our poster isn't just about the alphabet. Each image is a tribute to Haiti's rich heritage, taking you on a journey through its history, culture, and traditions.

  • Empowerment of Educators and Learners

    Whether you're a parent, a teacher with Creole-speaking students, or someone passionate about learning Haitian Creole, our poster is your perfect companion.
  • Bonus Learning Resources

    We believe in comprehensive learning. That's why, with our poster, you'll receive additional resources to enhance your Haitian Creole learning experience. 
Creole Alphabet Classroom
Creole Team

We're committed to promoting the importance of learning to spell in Creole correctly. One of the primary reasons behind this initiative is to ensure that all Creole speakers know how to spell correctly, preserving the integrity and beauty of the language.

Education in Hatian Creole is not just about language; it's about preserving a legacy, understanding a culture and building bridges between generations.

For every poster sold, we will donate a poster to a school in Haiti

With your purchase of a poster, you're giving back to our community.

This initiative ensures that our mission of promoting Haitian Creole education reaches even the most remote corners of the country.

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The poster will be officially available on Creole Day October 28th. Seize this opportunity to embark on an enlightening educational journey!

Kiskeya Version

Creole Solutions Kiskeya Poster

Ginen Version

Creole Ginen Alphabet Poster

Dive Deeper Into Haitian Creole!

Explore our book of Creole fables, Nan Jaden Amoni, to further immerse yourself in the language and culture. Available in print, e-book, and audiobook versions. 

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